Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Kenny is back at Northwestern...we went for doctor appointments yesterday, mentioned some slight shortness of breath he was having and a leg cramp (that went away days ago) and ended up finding out he has a small blood clot in his leg, so they admitted him for treatment. I imagine they will decide on the course of treatment today, as they had started the vascular evaluation last night before I left (vascular and neurosurgery need to agree on the treatment), and depending on what they do start it today and we should be home in a few days. Just a bump in the road, but a bump nonetheless. It seems from talking to the vascular residents that it is in a more minor vein (if you can have that???) --- we aren't really up on our vascular medicine knowledge!

Good news is that the doctor appointments went well and his nose looks like it's healing really well.

We both want to complain that he's back at Northwestern or be frustrated, but it's hard to because you know if his neurosurgeon wasn't a cautious man and didn't end up finding the blood clot yesterday, this could have been much more serious if it had traveled into his lungs or other unspeakable places. So, we are just thankful it was caught now, while in his leg near his ankle and that they are proactively treating it.

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