Friday, September 19, 2008

GREAT Surgery

The shunt removal went SUPER well today. VERY quick surgery, he really didn't even have time to get fully drugged up, so he didn't have to go into recovery after, they just woke him up and took him to his room. He is resting now, a bit tired from just general lack of sleep in the hospital for 1 + week and no food yet today because of the surgery. They expect that he can get released on Sunday, assuming no further complications occur with a CSF leak or from surgery or from any of the ADH imbalance. Hooray!!!

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Marci said...

Yeah! That does sound like great news! You both have been in our thoughts all week and will continue to remain there.Wishing and sending speedy recovery thoughts! PS:Just a friendly reminder that I would like to be first on that list if Charlie does need a babysitter.