Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please Join Us...

The moments and minutes of the last days of August 2008 and the month of September 2008 are etched in my brain forever. Ken isn't so lucky to remember everything about those days, but he does remember parts of them. The ups and the downs of those days changed our lives forever. It made us appreciate life more and realize what is truly important. During those days, Ken and I discussed the importance of teaching Charlie to pay it forward.

That realization, when thrown back into your "normal" life again, is sometimes hard to remember as we get caught up in life. What is really important? One thing we know is really important is giving back to the wonderful people at Northwestern that cared not only for Ken, but for Charlie and I as well. Giving back to those wonderful people so that they can continue to make amazing medical advancements for brain tumors, benign and malignant alike. Those wonderful people that continue to care for us we make our "every so often" visits to Northwestern. They are exceptional people doing AMAZING things for the brain tumor world. We KNOW just how blessed we are to be in their care.

We are participating in a couple of events that we would love your support with, if you are able. We realize that given the economic climate, times are tough for many families and ours is not excluded from that, but if you have the means, please consider these events as worthy organizations for your donation to go to. If you can't give at this time, we understand and thank you for considering it, but we do ask for your thoughts on these days as we spend them celebrating Ken's life and giving back to find a cure for brain tumors.

On Sunday, May 16, my brother Ted, will be participating in the Magellan Development Chicago Half Marathon. The official charity of the race is the Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute (NBTI). Ted is part of a team of Northwestern doctors, nurses, brain tumor survivors and their families running the race. The NBTI is an amazing organization that works endlessly to find a cure for brain and spinal tumors and your donation goes straight to Northwestern.

If you wish to support Ted (he's listed as Edward Peck) and the Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute you can go here to make a donation:

On Saturday, May 22, my Mom (Carol), Ted, our friend Julie, Ken, Charlie and I are walking in the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) 5K Run/Walk. We are part of Team Survivor which is made up of patients and family members from Northwestern's Brain Tumor Support Group. The ABTA website was one of the many that I spent much time on learning about Ken's tumor, his diagnosis and treatment. It provides wonderful opportunities to research brain tumors and find a cure!

If you wish to support any of us in the ABTA walk, the link below will take you to Team Survivor's page. You can select any of our names from that list:

Ken Friedrich
Michelle Friedrich
Carol Peck
Ted (Edward Peck)
Julie Warman

The number of brain tumors diagnosised each year are staggering considering the lack of progress in successfully fighting them or in finding a cure for them. We truly believe in these two organizations and their abilities to move forward in making advancements in finding a cure for brain tumors.
From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for your donation, for your positive thoughts for us on these days that we work to pay it forward so that other families fighting brain tumors can find successful treatments, as we were so fortunate to.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kelly's Visit

Our family loves a good reason to get together and Kelly's visit from FL was our latest reason. It's so fun to see Charlie play with my cousin's kids, just like we played with our cousins.

Jack and Penelope

Ben, Will and Charlie

Jack is the perfect host! He always finds good toys for Charlie and Penelope that they can't eat.

Ben, Will and Jack wanted to take their Uncle Kelly out on their boat on the pond. Uncle Kelly was a great sport and went...Loren, Amy and Aunt Donna watched from shore.

Kenny and Charlie ventured out to the deck to watch but it was cold!

Charlie and Jack...are these two going to be trouble?!

Charlie loves the "woofs" and Hazel is such a good sport!

Will and Charlie

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter with the Pecks

Easter afternoon, my parents, Ted, Aunt Kathi, Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Donna joined us for an Easter dinner. It was so warm we finally got to eat on the porch and until the storm started blowing it during dessert, it was perfect!

Me and my baby. Can I please still call him that?!

Thin Mint Pie - I think I was extra excited about this because I'm not really good at desserts and this was easy and looked fun and tasted even better!

Uncle Ted makes a good couch.

Charlie thought it was fun to put the gift bag on his head.

Another try at a family picture.

Such a serious little guy.

Pointing out something exciting!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Morning

Charlie's Easter Stash

Can you see him saying "s" for the S in Street?

Checking out the new race track

Peeps!!! Sadly, the only Easter candy he can have between his allergies and potential choking hazards!

Maybe if I sit in Daddy's lap, I can help open the race track.

All set up for the first race

This is so fun Daddy!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Friedrich Style

Grandma and Grandpa Friedrich invited their grandkids down to their park district for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was a great morning...minus the rain...and Kenny and I were shocked that we did the hunt in the rain, but we did.

Charlie found the Easter Bunny....and loved him again...and even made it in the local paper!

Kate and Charlie found a quiet corner to read some stories in. They weren't as interested in some of the activities.

All three hunting...Anna, Kate and Charlie.

Anna and Kate with Grandma waiting in line for a animal balloon.

Kate found another quiet corner with this cute little chair. She's such a sweetie.

Charlie and Kate loved the fish tank.

This was the best shot of all three...each take was cute, but one wasn't looking!

Grandpa trying to get in on the fun.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Practice

The weekend before Easter we went to an Easter Egg Hunt in Island Lake that I called "practice" for Charlie because he was to participate in one the following weekend with his cousins. I thought giving him an idea about the basics of a hunt, he might get the idea. He wasn't as interested in the hunt, as putting eggs in other kid's basket and especially in seeing the Easter Bunny.

Charlie and the Bunny!

On the hunt...

Actually holding his basket.

We took some time to play at the park after the hunt and Charlie mastered the slide. He loves it!

March Fun

A few highlights in March...

A Peck Family mom was asking for one. It's hard to get everyone to look nice together.

Charlie and a favorite food - Mac n Cheese

He sure is Daddy's little Speedster. I'm not sure he truly walks's just running.

Gwennie at her 2nd birthday party!

Gwen wanted to ride with Charlie...but Charlie wasn't so sure.

Pointing and saying "dis" or "dat" - translation "this" or "that."