Thursday, September 18, 2008

So Far, So Good

So far, Kenny hasn't had any further CSF leaking and they continue to "challenge" him in ways to encourage a leak, if it's going to happen. They have explained to us that he is at a higher risk for another one since he has had one already. Assuming the night goes well and his morning CT is good, he will be having surgery, probably late in the day tomorrow to remove the shunt. And HOPEFULLY we will be going home on Sunday. He is feeling wonderful again, even given his 7 days of bed rest, with much of that flat on his back.

We've learned so much in these last few weeks and not just the medical stuff (although I do believe I could have another degree under my belt after all of this). Much of it, we probably knew, but didn't think too much about. We have a wonderful, amazing family that has supported us in ways we never thought we would need, but are so thankful they are there to take care of us and our Charlie. And, we have fantastic friends and coworkers that continue to call or email with offers to help us by doing any number of things for us, probably the most popular is to babysit little Charlie...we wonder why that is such a popular item!! :) We continue to be amazed at the outpouring of support and feel very blessed.

These last few days we have had some time to take in all that has happened and the wonderful offers we have received and we think about how we can thank people, because saying "thank you" doesn't quite seem like enough. Pay it forward is the one thing that comes to mind...and teaching Charlie to pay it forward and be a wonderful, kind, giving human being, as so many around us are...that's the thing that comes to mind. We wish none of what we have been through on anyone, but if ever our family or friends are in a kind of need, we hope that we can help them as much as they have been there to help us.


Mandy said...

You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers. Take Care and good luck with everything. As always, if you need anything we are here for you.

Nancy Salmela said...

I have been reading your blog each day. You all certainly have been through a lot. I am so pleased that Kenny is improving steadily and you all will be home soon with your little Charlie. Charlie sure is a handsome boy. My love to you.