Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just Hanging Around Northwestern

Today was kind of a boring, slow, almost disappointing day. Not medically disappointing, but we were hoping to here Kenny would have his final surgery tomorrow...and we haven't heard that yet. I found a computer lab at Northwestern to use and "get a break" from sitting in the room with Kenny. He was taking a nap when I left...he was awake for the whole day until now, which is great and he's doing well.

Other than that, he is doing well. The CT this morning showed further improvement, that the air is moving out of his ventricles and the fluid is taking over, as it should. Various hormone levels are kind of moving around, but that is to be expected and could cause different problems for a few months or even permanently. We are working with some great endocrinologists though, that we really like, and they are on top of it.

The plus side is, Kenny and I got to chat alot, read the RedEye, make better friends with some of the nurses, enjoy each other and watch some TV (and comment on daytime TV...seriously, have they not updated the Price is Right set since I used to watch in with Grandma in the 80s??). We don't get this much time together usually...when we are both awake...and not busy doing other things...or tending to Charlie's needs...so today was a nice day, despite not much medically exciting news.

Hoping for some good news tomorrow, like a scheduled surgery to remove the shunt...so we can get ready to head for home!!

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