Friday, September 12, 2008


That's the picture that Kenny loves to look at of helps to get us both through the days that we aren't spending with him. How can that picture not make you smile??!!

Kenny's sugery on Thursday to "patch" the leak in his nose was successful in that they found the leak and were able to fix it. For it to truly be successful, he has to spend the next 5-7 days flat on his back on bed rest, giving the "patch" time to adhere to his body and form a solid barrier keeping it from leaking CSF again. This is not fun for him, as you can imagine, and he is already in a lot of pain in his lower back from just laying there. I imagine the next few days he will get through with pain killers to help the backache and sweet dreams of going home soon!

After they are satisfied it is safe for him to be more upright (hopefully about Tuesday next week), they will either replace or remove the shunt that is currently modified to drain the CSF from his brain. My hope is that we are home by the end of the week.

I feel like the days are getting harder for both of us. We had a taste of being home with Charlie and it was so sweet. We miss him more now each day and it's harder for me to stay away from Charlie. I'm torn between my two boys. I know each of them are getting wonderful care when I'm not with them...but I wish we could just all be together. And soon, I know we will all be home again, I just can't wait to get there!

I'm home now, with Charlie and am bringing him to Northwestern tomorrow to visit with Kenny. I pray he does well on this trip, so that we can stay most of the day. I know he will bring a huge smile to Kenny's face, however long we get to stay.

Tomorrow is also the day, 6 years ago that Kenny and I started dating. Since we've been married, we've still always appreciated this day too because it was truly the beginning of "us." Now we have added Charlie to "us" and I'm so thankful the three of us can spend tomorrow together, planning all the things we want to do with Charlie in the coming months.

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anita said...

Hi michelle,
I read your blog very often to see how Ken's progress is coming along see how well you are holding up and watching Charlie grow up. He is such a beautiful gift from God.

The Good Lord, you and Charlie will heal Ken faster each day with all your presence there in the hospital.

We continue to pray for Ken's speedy recovery and your strength to pull through for Ken.

Love Anita and Richard