Monday, August 30, 2010

2 Years...

June 2010

Two years ago our little family began this adventure into the brain tumor world and our lives were changed. Some days, it seems like it all just happened yesterday. Sometimes, I find myself missing Chicago and going to appointments and the comfort of the hospital and staff. Not that we mind not going as often, but that it has become such a part of who we are, it feels odd, in a way, when we have a big gap between visits. At the same time, we are thankful for those gaps because they symbolize success and health and progress. The days leading up to this anniversary were so much better than last year...last year, it was hard...the remembering everything that was going on. I still remember, we still talk about it, but it's easier this year. We have more peace with all of it and our lives are moving forward in a positive, wonderful direction. Not everything is fact, some things are far from it, but we are happy and that is more important than anything else.

We will always celebrate these moments, each year, because they deserve to be celebrated. Kenny deserves to be celebrated. And always, on August 29, we spend the day thinking of our Dr. C and all of the work he did that day, to make Kenny well again.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A BIG Change for Charlie

July 16 was Charlie's last day of the home daycare he was in since October 2008. We made the decision to switch him to a local preschool/daycare for many reasons, but in part because we wanted him to have a preschool experience, as we did growing up. It just so happens that this preschool/daycare also does before and after school care when he goes to grade school. It's perfect for us and so far we are thrilled with the change. It was sad to leave the home daycare, but sometimes change is necessary.

Charlie's last "report card" from the home daycare.

July 21, 2010: Charlie on his first day of "school." We call it school so he will get used to the idea. We got him a backpack that he picked out (Elmo) and we put his snacks and froggy for nap time in it each day. It's a good way to carry all the stuff he brings home each day too. He looks like SUCH a big boy now, but so cute still too. Where is my baby going? The 2 year old class he is in is kind of a pre-preschool, similar to what I did when I was 2. They have organized, structured activities each week that revolve around a theme.

It seems each week that they have some sort of outside group come in to do something fun. He's already seen Hula dancers, had Bike day, Splash day, a Petting Zoo visit (with a pony ride), Camping week (they nap in sleeping bags and try "camping" foods) and a carnival. We see so many positive changes in him at home like potty training interest, using more and more words (and trying ones he hasn't before) and general attention to things.


These three lovely baby deer made their home in about a 4 neighbor radius in July and continue to make appearances in August. Some times Momma is with and sometimes not, but they love the shade of our maple tree and the apple tree in our neighbor's yard is so close when they need a snack. Charlie LOVES to see his friends, the DEER, when the come for a visit. DEER is shouted though the house when he sees them and he blows kisses and waves. They really are his friends, you know!

I - sa

What is an i-sa you ask? Charlie's word for Fire Truck (and some times police car too). We aren't sure where he gets some of these words, but it's clearly what he is talking about. Aunt Donna got him this cool i-sa for his birthday and he loves it.