Sunday, September 13, 2009

7 Years

I'll interupt my previous catch up posts to add this one...and then maybe I can get back to catching up on the rest of our summer activities.

First...7 years ago today Kenny and I had our first date. Our lives certainly have grown and changed in those seven years. Wow! I can say though, we did nothing special today. Kenny is working hard at selling a bunch of his "stuff" (that's my nice work for his junk piles) and the guy who was coming this weekend to buy it cancelled at the last minute but is taking more of the "stuff" next weekend! For me, lots of housework, playing with Charlie...the most exciting thing so far was that I found and made a very tasty egg free pancake recipe. It got a big thumbs up from Kenny and Charlie. :)

As we are traveling through the 1 year mark from all of Kenny's hospital adventures last year, it has hit me hard. Life was rough then. We are young and why did we have to go through all of that. I remember exact times, dates, places, people and things that happened vividly. It's kind of like emotional scarring. Even though Kenny went through a lot, maybe he was the lucky one since he doesn't remember parts of it! Kenny and I were looking through pictures a few nights ago from 1 year ago...and remembering about how rough it was. And now, it really makes you realize how great he is now and how normal things are again. We ran across a few pictures that I never posted so I thought I would share them now.

Now, before I scare you with a few pictures from last year at this time, I'll show you a recent picture of the three of us....just so you can see how far Kenny has come.

Bedtime story. See...doesn't Kenny look great?!

This was a few days after his 3rd surgery that repaired the CSF leak. He was only allowed to sit up to eat three times a day and only to a certain degree. He has a towel around his neck to catch the food that might miss his's hard to eat at a 30% angle. BUT...see the big smile?! That's my Kenny! Or maybe he's smiling because he's eating mac and cheese (which is a great dish if you ever have to eat at Northwestern)! As we looked at this picture the other night, I pointed out the egg shell foam that you can see on his bed...he had forgotten about that and moaned at the thought of lying on his back for that week.

Kenny happy to be sitting up a little and eating -- 2008.
So here are the pictures I never shared last year...I made something, this weekend last year, for Kenny. He was on bedrest, flat on his back, to allow the CSF leak to repair. One thing he LOVED to do in the hospital was look at a small picture book he had with mostly Charlie pictures in it. It was hard to do laying FLAT on your back. So, I took a piece of cardboard and taped it to a hanger. I used the other side to tape pictures on so that it could hang from the IV hanger thingy in the hospital. That way, when Kenny looked up, he could see the pictures. No holding the book at a weird angle.

See the hanger?

There's the pictures.

Kenny loved it. I got so many compliments from nurses AND the doctors once they looked underneath it from Kenny's angle and realized what I had done. It stayed out of the nurses way, but still gave Kenny something to look at. So, Kenny and I chatted that week last year about how to REALLY make these and sell them...and paton them. How do you do that? How do you find a company to make them?
When Kenny could sit up again, we moved it to the top of a shelf in his room. The hanger served as a back, like on a picture frame to hold it up across the room.

Anyway...someday, maybe we will make these for hospital patients. We already have thought of several purposes it could serve, besides what we show it as.
And as for us...1 year after these hospital pictures...we are great! I remember taking some of these pictures, hoping no one thought I was weird, but just trying to document what was going on in our lives. And now, they are a great way to look back and see how far we have come!