Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charlie Pictures

Just some random Charlie pictures from the last few weeks that my Mom was taking of him while she cared for him.

This is what Charlie does alot of now...eating his hand, wrist, thumb and fingers and see his little leg kicking??!! He loves to kick, hard kicks at things and to move himself across his crib. He especially has become fond of the bear and bunny pictured here.

Our between trips to the hospital.

Charlie and Grammy...I think alot of Charlie's naps happened this way when we were gone!

A little half smile...and the bib is right on...he's getting to be quite a drooler now!

And a talker...he loves to talk and make noises and we often look at him and find him with his mouth open chatting away!

Charlie and his play mat...Grammy got him to LOVE his mat and he spends so much time there happily playing now. He grabs on to the toys hanging and really enjoys it.

Trying to play with the basketball.

Kenny got him this cute!!

And this is the backside!!

This is something he needs to work on...playing on his tummy. He just hates it!

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