Friday, September 26, 2008

3 Months!!!

Where have the last three months gone??? Our little guy isn't so little anymore!!

Thinking about giving a smile...he knows that I want him too, but he's kind of a stubborn kid!

Very serious little Charlie.

Happy Charlie! He's all ready for bed and is getting a bedtime story read to him by Daddy.

Charlie continues to amaze us with all of the great new things he does daily. After all that we have been through in the last month, Charlie has been a great, big, bright light at the end of the tunnel and we just couldn't wait to be home with him. I've started back at work this week and it's nice when I come home that Kenny gets to tell me what Charlie did today.

Some of Charlie's accomplishments in the last month include:

*finding his feet...he loves to grab for them

*playing on the play mat with the hanging toys for long periods of time

*trying so hard to roll over from back to front...he gets about half way there, so it won't be long

*squealing in delight

*laughing and talking...he's great at entertaining himself and others

*falling asleep on his own at bedtime (naptime is still a bit of a challenge but we are working on it!)

*sleeping 10 hours + a night

*drooling more and more each day

*playing with his books that make crinkle noises -- these are a big favorite

*grabbing on to things, like toys, fingers, the bottle

*KICKING --- the boy has some STRONG legs! He moves himself across the crib at night by swinging his legs up in the air and throwing them down on the crib.

*he just graduated from about 5 - 6 oz bottles to 4 - 8 oz bottles a day

*giving VERY social smiles to lots of familiar people and strangers alike

*this isn't such an accomplishment, but little Charlie has developed eczema, poor little guy

*he has found the TV, so it's time for us to be careful when he starts paying attention to it too much. It does help though when we are trying to get him to stretch his neck to the left more!

*enjoys music

*wears mostly 3-6 month sized clothing...there are a few 0-3 months still hanging around, especially on these warmer days

*he is the happiest little baby ever first thing in the morning when you go into get him from his crib. A sweet baby smile is a great way to wake up!


Anonymous said...

Happy 3 months day, Charlie! Your Grandma and Grandpa love you so much for all the joy you have brought to our family. You are a great little guy, and we wish you a long and happy life, full of more amazing accomplishments. By the way, we think your mom and dad are pretty amazing, and we love them too. We are so happy you all have had such a good first week "back to almost normal" week together! Love,
Grandpa Bill and Grandma Janet

Ashley said...

Oh he's so cute! Can't wait to see him and hold that sweet baby! SO CUTE!!! :)