Sunday, April 26, 2009

10 Months

Charlie is TEN months old. We just can't believe it. I think I say that every month though!

This last month has brought a whole new kind of fun to our house. Some of Charlie's new favorites are:

* CRAWLING!!! Everywhere and fast!

* Opening doors and shutting them. Needless to say, many doors are now shut in our house. I know, we aren't very fun parents.

* He is starting to pull up on tables. He mainly only gets to his knees or reaches alot, but we know standing isn't far behind.

* Lots of talking. Many times saying aadddadadada. Sometimes to Kenny, sometimes kind of questioning, like Where is Dadada? It's funny when he waves and says dadada, like he understands Kenny has gone to work already.

* He is in to everything. There is alot of NO! NO! said now. He understands it because he will purposely go to something he should not touch and look at you to see if you are watching or not. Little stinker.

* He's gained almost a full pound in the last month.

* He loves trying new table foods as we transition from jarred food to table foods. A big favorite is string cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich.

* He drinks less and less formula, but has seemed to hold steady at 24 oz a day.

* He's very social and loves to go out and do things so he can take all the activity in.

* He loves to roll/throw/hand the ball to you and for you to give it back to him. It's a fun game that could go on for awhile.

* He also still loves wheels and trucks. Check out the picture above. Work on his car/truck/train like this is done many times during the day.

* He still loves to give good hugs and kisses!

* He took his first plane ride to Colorado (see posts below).

* He was baptised on April 19, 2009.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Charlie's baptism was on April 19, 2009 at Transfiguration Church in Wauconda. We were blessed to have all of our family there for the occasion and it was so nice to see everyone and have them help celebrate Charlie's day.

Godparents, Aunt Joan and Uncle Joe, Daddy, Mommy, Charlie and Father Ron.

Charlie, Daddy, Mommy, Aunt Joan and Uncle Joe.

Charlie waiting for lunch at Lindy's Landing.

God Bless our little Charlie.

The Connors

Grandma and Cousin Lauren

The Derams

Uncle Jim, Gary and Terry

Pops and Grammy with the Painters

Some Friedrichs

Daddy, Charlie and Mommy


Well, hopefully Charlie's Grandparents got more pictures of him on his first Easter! I don't know where I was! Charlie woke up to find that the Easter Bunny left him some very useful gifts this year.

Charlie's first Easter Basket.

Charlie checking out the new stuff -- I think he approved.

The day before Easter, playing with an egg on the floor.

Colorado Part 2

Charlie's trip to Colorado was his first flight and he did pretty well. He cried a little on each flight, but did manage to nap most of the 2 hours.

Charlie and Daddy at O'Hare

Kenny's Great Aunt Melissa, Grandma, Charlie and Kenny

Charlie and Daddy playing with a ball...and Charlie blowing bubbles.

Charlie has an attraction to wheels...he loves Great Grandpa's walker wheels.

His first crawl across a room at Great Grandpa's on April 5, get the toolbox. I think I'm doomed!

Great Grandpa

Great Grandpa's friend Berta loved Charlie. And Charlie is playing with Great Grandpa's cool cane.

Charlie and Daddy waiting for dinner in the dining room.

Grandma and Charlie

I really liked the highchair.

Charlie on a walk.

Daddy and Charlie outside Grandpa's building.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Colorado Part 1

We enjoyed a great trip to Colorado at the beginning of April to visit Kenny's Grandpa Lee. This is Charlie's ONLY living Great Grandparent and we are so pleased they got to meet. Grandpa will be celebrating his 94th birthday at the end of this month. He is always such a joy to visit and we so wish we lived closer so we could do it more often.

This is just absolutely my favorite picture...the joy on their faces is PRICELESS. I love it!

Great Grandpa Lee and Charlie

Grandma, Charlie and Grandpa

Four Generations: Grandma, Charlie, Michelle, Kenny and Great Grandpa Lee

Another 4 Generations -- Charlie and Great Grandpa, sitting and standing behind them is Grandma and Kenny

Another one of Charlie and his Great Grandpa

Daddy, Charlie and Mommy
The outside photos with the mountains behind are taken from Grandpa's balcony that has fantastic views of Pike's Peak. When we were there in October 2007, we made the journey up the Peak, but this year we didn't. We just took advantage of the great views from the apartment. It's great to sit and relax and talk with those views all around.
More of the trip to come...