Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good News

Finally, some good news!! We just saw the doctor and they also pulled the rest of the packing out of Kenny's nose this morning. That means that they want him upright and moving around in the next 36 hours or so to see if he "springs another leak" (CSF leak that is). So far, so good, no signs of that. As long as there is no leaking, they plan to remove his shunt on Friday afternoon and we could be going home on Saturday or Sunday. THANK GOODNESS!!!! We are both SO sick of sitting in the hospital and it's worse now because he's feeling so good. Also, his CT this morning shows that from 1 week ago until now there is 90% LESS air in his ventricles, which is excellent...10% more to go and we are back in business!

So now we send positive thoughts and prayers to no CSF leaks and more good old healing in the next day or so, to keep that schedule they gave us on track to get out of here and enjoy our porch and this beautiful weekend that we have coming our way. We can't wait to see our Charlie boy!

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