Tuesday, November 2, 2010

September Happenings

September Happenings:

Labor Day weekend some how turned into a quiet weekend for us and we got to enjoy some down time, just the three of us.

Below, Charlie was playing in the porch. Our screened porch turned into a wonderful blessing this year, as it provided Charlie with a great, but covered, outdoor area to play and ride his bike and run around outside, without being directly in the sunlight all the time. It also kept him contained and allowed Mommy and Daddy to sit outside with him or to be inside cleaning, cooking, etc. while Charlie played safely!

Over Labor Day weekend, Kenny and I took Charlie on a walk (with his bike) to a park in our neighborhood that is kind of tucked in between some houses. He loved it and didn't want to leave when it started raining. We enjoyed the time outside, in the cool weather, getting a walk in with our little buddy.

At the end of September, we spent an afternoon at Lakewood Forest Preserve for their annual Farm Heritage Show. It's a perfect day event, full of interesting things for Charlie to see.

Kenny braved the petting zoo with Charlie. Charlie didn't want to leave!

Watching a guy load his "big actor" (big tractor) on his trailer. Great excitement for the 2 year old and the 36 year old alike.

While we are trying to teach Charlie to be respectful of others vehicles/equipment on display at shows, this one was a little more accessible. Charlie LOVED being able to sit in the wheel.

Dear God: Please let Mommy and Daddy take this one home with us. I would LOVE it! Thank you, Charlie

Our little buddy!

And a family shot!

This one wasn't on display, but Charlie wanted to check it out anyway.

And finally, we've been working on this for months now, just when Charlie has interest. Sometimes he is VERY interested at home and sometimes not so much. At school though, he seems to always at least want to try. We don't push it too much, but try to just let him learn at his own pace. Eventually, he'll get there.