Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Charlie's First Car Picnic

Charlie's first Packard Club picnic was on July 27 and it was HOT!!! It's a lot of fun trying to keep him cool and out of the sunlight! Luckily the picnic was a short drive from our house and he did really well.

Charlie with Terry...Charlie enjoying the shaded swing and Terry enjoying little Charlie! Check out the picture up close...Charlie has a "car" outfit on...hat and all!

Lauren and Grandma Friedrich enjoying Charlie and the shade!

Charlie chillin'

Bartender, Bring Me Another!

Those of you that know Kenny well, know that he's a pretty creative, funny guy. He started this...but I have begun saying it too. When Charlie is hungry, Kenny tells him who his "bartender" is...which one of us is MAKING the bottle. And when Charlie is being served the bottle...Kenny tells him which one of us is feeding him. So, sometimes Mommy is the server and the bartender...and sometimes Daddy is the bartender and Mommy is the server. And his bottles are usually called 40 oz (really only 4 oz...but it sounds much better as 40) and 20 oz (really only 2 oz...and used for those times when 4 oz is NOT enough for little Charlie). Is it bad that we are teaching our 1 month old about drinking already??!!

Here's Charlie...staring at the pantry while we eat dinner. Kenny said he's longing for "real" food like us and is silently cursing us for feeding him this formula for the next year.

Here's our little up close of his car outfit. Little chunk weighs 10 lbs 7 oz now!!! He's getting really long too...definately taking after his father.

And if Charlie is going to wear his car outfit...Daddy must too!! Aren't they cute?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Charlie's First Month

Charlie turned the ripe old age of 1 month yesterday!! Kenny and I can't believe our little guy has been with us for 1 month already!!!

Here's some facts about Charlie and his first month of life:

*His parents call him: Charlie, Little Hemi, Baby, Son, Little Guy, Little Man, Little Dude, Bud.
*He sleeps anywhere from 3-5 hours at night.
*On July 26, 2008, he happily ate 30 oz of formula.
*He has rolled over on from his tummy to his back 7 times in the last two weeks (yes, we know this is a fluke, but should be documented anyways!).
*He has a few hours each day that he is awake and just likes to sit and take in the world around him (see photo above!).
*He is the sweetest little cuddler his Mommy could have ever wanted.
*He sounds like a goose when he eats sometimes because he LOVES food!
*Although we think he weighs at least nine lbs now, he still fits in all of his newborn sized clothing and most of his 0-3 months sized clothes. I think that weight he's gained since his 2 week check up is all in length!!
*He looks JUST like his Daddy, but with Mommy's nose.
*He was born with lots of hair and some of it is starting to fall out now.
*He's just a great baby and we are so happy he is ours!!

Charlie's First Play Date

Charlie had his first playdate on Friday with his girlfriend Reese. Reese is about 4 1/2 months older than Charlie. Her parents went to the Cubs game and I got to play with both babies...until Kenny got home from work. Reese and Charlie were both great and never cried at the same time and took turns eating very nicely. :)

Here's a few of them on their playmats...

Reese was very interested in Charlie...but he didn't pay too much attention to her.

Isn't she cute??!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pretty Blanket and a Great Sign

Kenny's Aunt Barb passed away last November very suddenly and we miss her alot. One of the great things she always did was when a baby was born she made the baby a beautiful blanket. She never knew that we were pregnant with Charlie before she died, but we know that she would have made him a blanket had she been here. Her younger daughter, Lauren, Kenny's cousin, has picked up the wonderful tradition of making the beautiful baby blankets for the babies in her life. We were so excited when Lauren told us that she had picked up the family baby blanket making business! I think it's great when a family "tradition" can carry on. So here are some pictures of the beautiful, soft blanket that she made for our Charlie. We know that he will use it for years to come. It's so soft that I want to steal it sometimes!! :) It's a dark blue with a light blue border on it.

Really...Charlie is not sticking out his tongue at the blanket...I think it's at his Mommy since she tortures him with "photo shoots" about every other day!

And below are some shots of a great sign that Kenny's parents had made for Charlie. It was a surprise to us when we walked in the door from the hospital to see the sign. Since they were in Iowa when Charlie was born, they enlisted the help of my dad to get to our house to hang the sign. It says Welcome to the Family Charlie and has pictures of all of our family on it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bath time isn't so much fun...

Charlie had his first bath tonight. He finally lost all of the rest of his cord at the end of last week, so we were able to try out his great bath tub. He doesn't find baths so we tried to move quickly!!

Here he is...Mommy is filling the tub and Daddy is holding Charlie...he already wasn't happy!

Look at this great tub and duckie...but Charlie wasn't interested!
He thought it was torture!!!

Out of the tub and in his froggie bathrobe was slightly better.

He still wasn't so sure about all of it until he was dressed in his pj's and Daddy was reading a Dr. Seuss book to him! Maybe next time he will like it a little better!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some "early" photos of Charlie

Here's a few other photos of Charlie taken a few weeks ago. I stole them from Grandma Friedrich's camera today since I didn't get some of these on my own and wanted to share them.

Grandpa and Grandma meeting Baby Charlie in the hospital.

Rich Mazzuchelli (a friend from New Hampshire), Grandpa and Daddy sharing a toast in the Lake Forest Hospital parking lot..."to baby Charlie!"
Home from the hospital...and no, Kenny's not smoking a cigar in the house with's a bubble gum cigar still wrapped in plastic.

Grandpa feeding little Charlie.

Mommy, Aunt Joan and Charlie. We were so happy that Aunt Joan, Anna and Kate got to come over to our house after we got home to meet Charlie.

Aunt Joan with Charlie and Uncle Ken with Kate...they decided to swap kids!

Anna really wanted to see Baby Charlie, but all I heard that day was her calling "Uncle Ken, come and find me." She looked at Charlie, but didn't want to hold him that day and asked me lots of questions about when he could crawl. We decided that if he wasn't trying to crawl by Christmas, she could teach him.

Our sweet Kate enjoying some of Charlie's toys. Kate is almost exactly 11 months older than Charlie. We are so excited that they are close in age. Now Charlie just has to catch up to Anna and Kate so he can play with them.

Uncle Ken, Anna and Kate playing.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kenny's Little Hemi

Charlie was born at 426pm and as soon as Kenny heard the time, he said "I'll always remember that because he'll be my little hemi." Of course, Kenny has equated his son's birth time to an engine on a car! 426 is a hemi on older model Kenny frequently calls Charlie "his little hemi" --- especially when he is crying or making some Charlie noises.

We went to the Mundelein Cruise Night with Charlie and is was also featuring Packards so we saw some friends too.

Here's Kenny and Charlie with a Plymouth Duster...the license plate says HEMI DST --- meaning it's a hemi engine in a Duster. Of course, we needed a picture of Charlie with a hemi engine.

Here's a hemi engine...and you can see the 426 on it.
Charlie...enjoying his first car show.

Kenny and Charlie ready to roll after hanging out with the Packards for a bit.

Some of the Packards...
more Packards...
and more Packards...

and more Packards...
And this is how I find my boys from time to time. Charlie's done eating so he's sleeping and Kenny also thinks that napping is a good idea too.

Today, we also had Charlie's 2 week appointment. Now, I realize my son looks like his father...but apparently he's trying to catch up to his father's size too! At the doctor today, they told us he weighs 8 lbs 5 1/2 oz. and is 21 1/4" long. That's 1 whole pound more than he weighed at birth two weeks ago! The nurses actually weighed him twice to make sure because they couldn't believe it! He also grew 3/4" of an inch in the last two weeks!

Besides a great, clean bill of health for Charlie, the doctor also told us the FABULOUS news that he doesn't need to eat every 4 hours throughout the other words, we can sleep until he wakes us up now!!! And many nights, I've been waking him to eat every 4 hours, so maybe 5 hours of sleep is in my future tonight! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


In no particular order, here are some Charlie pictures from the last week or so. We can't believe that we are taking him to the doctor Thursday for his 2 week check up already!!!

Time is flying, our little guy is a GREAT little guy...he's calm (except when naked during diaper changes) and sleeps really well. We even have to WAKE HIM up at night for a feeding...not every night, but many nights we have to do that. He's loved having both his Grandma and Grammy over since Daddy has gone back to work...and Mommy has loved it too! Grandma and Grammy let Mommy take a nap, do some normal adult things like read email and they spend their time loving little Charlie.

This green pillow thing is a Boppy and we love it!!! Charlie is happy sitting in it, being fed in it or whatever. Here's our wide eye guy!

Cousin Lauren (as little Anna has named her) came over to meet Charlie...and he took full advantage of her lap! He loves to sleep with his hands around his face.

Our first real outing in the the Packard Club meeting. As you can see Charlie was just so engaged in the discussion that Grandpa, Great Uncle Jim, Gary and Bill (below) were conducting that he slept through it! :) They were discussing the Des Moines Meet that we missed this year due to the birth of little Charlie...

Just hanging out with Mommy...

"Aunt" Adele came over to visit Charlie and spent hours just holding him while chatting with Mommy.

A little half smile in his sleep...and part of his dimple on his right cheek!

Trying to be a little festive for the 4th! Of course, the firecrackers on this shirt couldn't be shown without a truck too!

And with Great Aunt Donna when she stopped over for a visit with Charlie. That is his favorite spot to sleep...resting on anyone's chest.