Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Almost Home...We Think

Well, Kenny should be going tomorrow...although they said that yesterday and today too. He has a small blood clot near his left ankle. These types of clots are very UNLIKELY to travel above the knee, so there is only a very small risk of more serious problems occuring because of it. He will have to be on blood thinners and have more blood work done for awhile as they try to encourage this clot to break up and no more clots to occur. The doctors are great and doing a great job of deciding how to treat this the best for Kenny, but we are VERY sick of being at the hospital and dealing with any of this.

Charlie on the hand is so social now and so's hard to be away from him. I know Kenny can't wait to see him tomorrow!

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Ashley said...

I'm so sorry about all this! Please let us know if there is anything we can do! I know we're far away, but we're here if you need us! SO SORRY!