Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 9 - Kansas

We drove about 1 hour north to Aunt Mary and Uncle Fred's house in Kansas. They have a beautiful house and it was great to see them after several years. Both of them are doing so well. Aunt Mary even had a great phone for Charlie for a birthday present and he loves it. She had some VERY tasty Italian meats and cheeses for lunch with fruit and rolls...and had a birthday cake for the birthday boys...Charlie, Pops and Bill.

Charlie, Kenny, Uncle Fred, Mom, Aunt Mary and Dad.

Same groups, switch me for Mom.


Charlie learned the art of pointing during our trip. He points to people's plates to tell them what he wants. My Dad loves him because he'll try anything and then seems to love it! Ted and I were picky Charlie being the exact opposite is a dream come true for my Dad. One of the Italian meats was called Capacola and it's spicy. Charlie was happily eating salami with me and my Dad decided to let him try Capacola...Charlie loved it. He kept pointing at my Dad's plate for it until he would give him more.

Grammy, Aunt Mary and Charlie.
Another great visit with family. So sad that we don't get to see them more, but we are so thankful we took the time to drive home the long way and make some stops along the way.

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