Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 4

Monday of our trip we didn't have much planned. Kenny's parents, Uncle Jim and Terry and Gary were due to arrive that afternoon and we (us and my parents) thought we would use the free time to have a laid back day before more friends got in.

After breakfast, Charlie and I changed into our swimming suits and headed for the hotel pool. Charlie had never been in a pool before, but he's grown to love baths, so I was fairly sure he would enjoy the pool.

Charlie and Mommy "swimming"

Playing catch with the beach ball.

Sitting on the pool steps.

Splashing the water -- good fun!

Our happy little swimmer

After swimming, Charlie took a nap and Grammy watched him so Kenny and I could wander around on our own. When I returned, this is what I found...

We decided to hit the Branson Auto Museum for the afternoon. If I haven't mentioned, Branson was HOT!!! So, we really focused on indoor activities or only being outside at proper times of the day. Since the Auto Museum was indoor, that's where we landed!
As we entered the Museum, there was a Dukes of Hazard car and Kenny and I immediately missed having Scott there on this vacation. I texted him a photo of the car. Kenny and Scott have gone to these meets together for years and the last two have not been at them together -- last year because we were having Charlie and this year because Scott's stupid work didn't let him take vacation that week.

Daddy and Charlie sized tractors.

Grammy and Charlie with Al Capone's Packard

I take pictures of cars I think look cool.

Woody from Toy Story is in the camper!

Another tractor for Kenny.

Pretty red car.

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