Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 5

Tuesday was another day of lazy stuff to do. Have I mentioned this trip was great for lazy days?! Just what we needed. And that's not the norm for Packard Meets, but we made it the norm for this one.

Upon waking up...this is what Charlie wanted to do...

This is his new face he likes to make...not sure what it's about but he's happy!
He never could wait for breakfast until we were both ready to go so we ended up letting him snack before breakfast. The kid can eat though and it never slowed his appetite for breakfast later!

Puffs for snack before breakfast.
We decided to hit Branson Landing again to view the shopping areas of the development. Kenny and I hadn't really decided what to get Charlie for his birthday, but had tossed around the idea of taking him to Ridemakers to make him a car. Of course, this gift is more for Kenny...but still would be fun for Charlie in some ways. We found out there was one in Branson and that provided us with just the type of indoor activity we needed to avoid the heat mid day.

Charlie ready to pick out a car. We actually did give him options and he went with a green car. We picked a car with a hemi for him...since he is a hemi!

Getting ready to work on the car and build it.

Watching Daddy do the work.

Picking out some hot stuff for the car.

Look at that engine!

Waiting with Grandma and Terry while the car was in the shop still.

Kenny still working.
I guess we didn't take a picture of the finished project...but the car makes noise and lights up and Charlie loves to push it around. He has the sweetest smile when he hears a car engine and it lights up his Daddy's world. Apparently, he got the car gene.

We spent more of the afternoon resting and many of our group went to see a show that night. Kenny and I and my parents weren't up for that and we found a cute little local Italian place called Rocco's in old downtown Branson that was perfect for a yummy non-greasy meal.
Charlie hit on 4 teenage girls sitting at the table next to us. He's a major flirt...batting his eyes, smiling, trying to engage them in play with him. All that work can wear a kid out...

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