Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 7 -- Part 1

Thursday brought Judging Day and that is traditionally the hottest day of the week. This year did not disappoint! It was at 57 Heaven Car Museum, which thankfully was indoors...but judging was still in the parking lot. Charlie, Mommy, Grammy, Grandma and Terry last about 30 minutes maximum before heading for Coldstone across the street to cool off. Daddy, Pops, Grandpa, Joey and Rich made it longer...and poor Gary and Uncle Jim had to stay to judge!

Good thing Pops and Daddy took some pictures...

Daddy found a Bluesmobile.
After the boys were done, we agreed to meet them at the AC filled museum for the tour. It was a fun museum that we all enjoyed.

Tractors Charlie sized.

Race cars

Charlie and Daddy in their car shirts.

This was a matching boat and pick up truck that had some connection to Waseca.

Taking a rest on a car seat.

Grandma, Grandpa and Charlie.

Trying to get Charlie to show off his car shirt.

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