Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 6 -- Part 1

Wednesday was such a fun day! We started out with many of our friends and family off to Ride the Ducks in Branson and have lunch to "celebrate" Charlie's birthday. We had a little time to kill waiting for the Duck ride, so Charlie rode Clifford while he waited.

Charlie and the Big Red Dog

In his hand is what we call the duckie -- we all got them for riding the duck. Charlie was free and this was the best thing he got all week. He enjoyed playing with it and still does!

Charlie and Grandma ready to ride the Ducks!

Our ride took us through town (on land) and to the College of the Ozarks and then we finally made it back to Table Rock Lake to get in the water. The land part of the ride was really hot and poor Charlie refused a morning nap that day, so he was a bit tired...and hot.
He spent the first part of the ride trying to figure out what was going on, while chewing on this...

One of Charlie's favorite things to play with on this trip.

Me...with the duckie...look how sleepy Charlie looks.

Shortly, the sleepiness gave way and this happened...

The pink cheeked little boy passe out in my lap.

He woke just as we were getting to the lake for the splash down. He loved it! We ALL loved the cool breezes coming in!

A good family shot -- complete with our new family member the water bottle.

Trying to choke Daddy.

Our friend Rich driving the boat.

Grandpa took Charlie up to drive the boat.

Mommy and Daddy

Branson Landing

Joe and Uncle Jim

Grammy and Pops


The Fish House we ate at on Father's Day.

Joe driving the boat.

Captain Gramps -- our tour director.
After the boat ride, we headed for Famous Dave's for some lunch.

Charlie with Great Uncle Jim

Charlie snacking before the food got there.

Happy Charlie!

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