Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 8 -- Charlie's Birthday -- Kansas

We spent the afternoon driving north to Kansas. Our GPS took us down some back roads, which Kenny thought were made for him. He found several treasures along the way he would have loved to stop and look at. Oddly enough, I don't remember what those treasures were! :)

We stopped in the southwest suburbs of Kansas City...can you call it that, a suburb? Bill, Vickie and Ben live there on a beautiful farm that Kenny loved so much he asked when we were leaving "Why don't we visit these relatives more often?" Bill is two days older than my Dad and also shares Charlie's birthday. We had planned to see them the following day at Bill's parents house, but they had some damage on the farm from some recent storms, so they called and we stopped. We all had a great visit.

I just think this is the sweetest picture...Vickie, Charlie and Bill. Birthday buddies sharing a smile.

Vickie and Charlie.

Some of their land.

Some of their cows.

Bill took us on a drive through a chunk of their land to see the cows. Charlie loved it. He wasn't so sure about driving around first and then saw the cows and started pointing and saying "do" (doggie for those that don't speak Charlie's language).

Charlie and Grammy relaxing on the rocking chair having some water.

Pops checking out the deck and Kenny and Bill chatting about the farm and tractors.

Ben showed us his Red Power Ranger costume...Charlie was a bit confused at first...

But then Ben showed us his face and Charlie realized what was going on.
Ben was a great host to Charlie. He ran right over to him when we pulled up and started playing peek a boo with him. Charlie loved it! When we asked Ben how he knew babies like that game, he told us "I watch shows about what babies like!"
Bill and Larry. Bill's saying that my Dad is older.

After saying goodbye, we headed about 1 hour north to Lawrence, Kansas to spend the night. Again, Bill told us some back roads to take and it was a great drive. We decided to have dinner at the hotel restaurant. It was great. I was disappointed we didn't get to tour the campus town more, but maybe some other time.

Charlie, Grammy and Pops.

Our HAPPY 1 year old!

Opening an Elmo book from Grammy and Pops.

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