Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 3 -- Father's Day

We started off our Father's Day with what the Packard Club calls an Early Bird tour. This was of a private collection of someone's airplanes and cars...and other motorized stuff. Kenny and I went on one of these tours a few years ago in Michigan and we agreed that that was one of the best tours we had been on. Kenny dreams of all of his "stuff" looking this great in a big warehouse with displays some day. So, we made a point of getting to Branson early enough to take part in this tour. My parents joined us on this Packard Club adventure, in part because they have wanted to go to a meet (Dad) and in part because "I go where Charlie goes" (quote by Mom).

The first part of the tour was to a small airport I think owned by College of the Ozarks and this man had a hanger filled with airplanes.

Daddy and Charlie on Father's Day 2009.

Cool airplane

Packards and modern cars on the tour lined up at the airport.


One of those water planes!

After we left the airport, we travelled to a warehouse filled with car, boat and other stuff.

A Studebaker truck...I think their cute.

Here are some of his outboard engines with the cars in the background.

We spent the afternoon resting at the hotel and then went over to the new area in Branson -- Branson Landing. There is a great Fish House there that made for a perfect Father's Day dinner. No long wait or anything!

Charlie attacking Pops before we left for dinner.

Pops, Daddy and Charlie on Father's Day.
Charlie really enjoyed our hotel room that was stocked with kitchen cabinets. We made a parenting mistake though and thought it was cute that he opened the doors and crawled in...but he's not allowed to do that at home! So, going home, he had to "relearn" not to touch the cabinet doors!

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