Saturday, August 15, 2009

Charlie's 1!!!!

Our little boy turned 1 on June 26. Since we were on vacation and I'm just now catching up on posts...his birthday post is late too. Our lives have been so blessed with him in them. He is Kenny's lucky charm and has gotten him through a tough year. He brings a smile to our faces and a tear to our eye as we think about the face that our little buddy is 1 already.

Some great things that Charlie does at 1 year old:

* Pulls up to stand and cruise around things.

* Eats anything and rarely rejects food.

* Uses a sippy cup after a weekend of "losing" the bottle.

* Sleeps well from 730pm to at least 6am most days.

* Takes two pretty good naps each day.

* LOVES The Wheels on the Bus and will smile anytime it's sung.

* Says Dadada, Mama, Do (Doggie) constantly.

* Has 8 teeth, 4 front on top, 4 front on bottom.

* Knows where his head is.

* Still likes to chew on his toes. When asked if he is "eating his feet" he will stick them in his mouth, making us believe he knows where his feet are and how to eat. :)

* Gives great hugs and kisses when asked and sometimes just because he wants to.

* Loves his stuffed animals.

* Loves his cars and trucks and pushing them around the floor.

* Loves Elmo.

* Loves the bath, splashing, playing.

* Is very ticklish on his thighs and boy is his laugh a great one!

* Is an all around great little boy!

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