Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful Thought #8

Thankful Thought #8

Charlie - August 2012 at Brookfield Zoo

I'm thankful for that little Charlie boy...who really isn't so little anymore.  He's 43 1/2" tall as of the end of October (that would be a 2" growth since the end of June!).  That also means he's closing in on my height, so picking him up is more and more out of the question for me and he's ONLY 4! 

As frustrating as a 4 year old can be and as much as Kenny and I shoot each other looks like "when is he going to bed tonight?!", I just can't get enough of him.  A few nights ago, I told him I got a bad paper cut at work and it really hurt.  He was immediately concerned and told me after dinner he would get me a batman bandaid, but if we openned it and it was joker, I couldn't have it and he would give me another one.  Bandaids are still like gold to him, so that was a true gift from him.  The next night, he wanted to inspect my bandaid, make sure it was in place and he asked how my boo-boo was.  He's so caring and has a sweet heart. 

He says the best things now too!  Once he knows we think it's funny, he just keeps at it.  Some favorites of late are:

"Girls are complicated" (thanks John Carlin!)
After each meal, he hops up from the table and says "See how much I've grown.  I'm getting so big!"

All of these are said with a bit of an Elmer Fudd voice.  He can say the Pledge, which we love and it's so sweet.  He's a good kid, despite how frustrating he can be sometimes.  His teachers tell us they don't have problems with him often and I guess if he is going to be good, that's the place we want him to be good!

Charlie - Summer 2012

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