Saturday, November 3, 2012

Playing Catch Up with a Month of Posting Thankful Thoughts

Welcome back!  It's been almost exactly 2 years since I last wrote a post and often I have thought of getting back into it as I want to one day publish these blog posts to record our family's history/scrapbook. 
And now it's November and after Halloween it always takes me a day or two to realize it's that month where we are reminded a bit more than usual to count our blessings.  I've always thought of writing a thankful thought a instead, I thought I would try to catch up on life posts by associating them with my thankful thoughts. 
Thankful Thought #1
I'm thankful for fall and the beautiful colors that the midwest is graced with in the fall.  Fall of 2012 seemed to fly right by us though as we had a big temperature change without much gradual transition into cooler weather.  Regardless, Kenny, Charlie and I have enjoyed some nice fall moments together, doing some of our traditional fall activities that I will likely be posting about in more detail as the month rolls along.

Above is our "not so little" Charlie, who is 4 now, posing for me with some pumpkins at the Farm Heritage Festival that we try and get to each year.  It's near our house and has many tractors that Kenny likes to study and teach Charlie about.  We roam around for the afternoon, taking in the smells and tastes of fall activity and let Charlie enjoy more of the activities there each year.  This year, as Kenny and I stood together watching Charlie take off on a tractor barrel ride, we both had moment that we realized how big our little guy is getting and that more and more he doesn't need us for everything.  It's amazing watching him grow up and learn.  We are so grateful to be his parents. 

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