Sunday, November 4, 2012

Charlie's First Field Trip

From Fall 2010:

Charlie on his 1st field trip - playing at Harms Farm in McHenry with his Shakespeare Friends.

Charlie was lucky enough to have both of his parents go on his first field trip -- as if we would miss it!

Charlie and his best little buddy, Ryan Schaefer.  Ryan and Charlie don't say much in their 2 year old class, except to each other!

Miss Michelle (one of Charlie's favorites) and Charlie and Ryan in the front.

After the field trip was over, Kenny and I stayed at Harms Farm with Charlie to spend a little time there, as we have each year. 

See how big he has gotten!

Charlie wouldn't let Daddy sit in the chair with him.  Stubborn little guy!

Mommy and her favorite litty guy


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