Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful Thought #3

Thankful Thought #3

Today, I'm thankful for a new church to attend.  When Charlie was younger, Kenny and I tried to attend church, but found it difficult as paying attention and getting anything out of a service with a young boy isn't easy.  The "crying room" was awful to sit in as the parents were more disruptive than the kids.  That led to us not going to church often.  As Charlie has gotten older, we thought it would be important for him to attend Sunday School (or religious ed) and as he has more of an attention span now, church.  This past spring, I started church "shopping" online, looking at churches in our area that it would make sense for us to attend.  Our old parish that we were married in, wasn't appealing to us, as the priest that married us left and we never connected with the new priest. 

I found that online, I liked a church we've passed by several times, in the town north of us.  Charlie and I tried it out one weekend and Kenny joined us a few times and we agreed we liked it.  It's very relaxed and full of young families that were welcoming.  The priest also struck a chord with us, but we soon found he was retiring in the summer.  We continued to attend most weeks and then met the newly assigned priest.  We were thrilled that we liked him more than the retiring priest.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and a long term vision for the church.  He is welcoming and in general allows us to see ourselves attending this church for years to come. 

Charlie started Sunday School this fall, during 10am mass, which provides a nice time for Kenny and I to enjoy a service, without constant interuptions from Charlie.  And it provides Charlie with a great time to enjoy learning about God at a 4 year old level.  We are so thankful!

Photo: Nothing to do with the post, just a cute one of Charlie taken by Uncle Ted during their morning in the City together.  April 2012

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