Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can't Get Enough

I just can't get enough of Charlie!! He's getting such a personality now and I must have taken 50 pictures of him today...but not to worry...I didn't post them all! :)

Charlie and Daddy hanging out...watching the NASCAR race on Sunday.

Mommy and Charlie...there aren't very many of these pictures since I'm usually taking them.

Sleeping sweet!

He gets this look on his face cracks me up!

He's getting SOOOO close to rolling over...he just needs to figure out how to move his bottom arm out of the way and it really makes him mad that he can't get over!

This great blanket is from his Great Aunt Mary (Kenny's Aunt). It's wonderful...great construction vehicles on it, great colors...we love it! Thank you!!

Tummy time is NOT Charlie's thing at all. He has great neck/head control when being held, but HATES to lay on his tummy and lift his head. We make him every day, but he hates it. This is his attempt today...he CAN lift his head and hold it...he just doesn't like to!

And you can see how much of his hair he sad. And yucky cradle cap too!

The fingers go in the mouth alot now...

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Joan said...

That blanket looks some comfy. If I promise to hold my head up can I lay on it?