Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Big News

I don't know how it's taken me so long to share our big news...well, Kenny's big news...but it has. I guess that's life with a baby and a temporarily medically challenged husband.

We saw Kenny's neurosurgeon on Thursday last week and he gave Kenny the go ahead to do many things.

1. No therapy required! He thought Kenny was getting around fine on his own.

2. He can start driving. He was supposed to try it out with me first, a short trip somewhere to make sure he was comfortable. BUT Friday when I got home from work, Kenny was smiling. I asked what he was up to and he said he took a ride to Walgreens (literally in our neighborhood -- no driving on major roads required). I scolded him, but he swore he didn't get over 25 mph and he said he did fine...."it's like riding a bike." I was concerned since it had been 7 weeks since he had driven, but I've since let him drive more and haven't been with him. I guess he's ok.

3. He gets to go back to work in 3 weeks. Light duty for the first 3 weeks of work...but by the beginning of December he will be fully back without restrictions! Hooray!!

4. Don't come back for 6 months for an MRI and follow up with the neurosurgeon!

And probably the best part of the appointment was the effect that Charlie had on Dr. Chandler. See, he's a very serious guy...a quality you WANT in the guy that's working on your brain. As I've spent much time with him in the last 7 weeks, I've seen him smile, but typically, he is all business. That doesn't bother me, because we've had our moments where we've connected on a doctor to family member basis when he looks at me and kind of smiles like "you are understanding all this neurosurgery stuff" after I've asked a question or commented on something he has asked.

So, to see him meet Charlie for the first time and GRIN at him and baby talk to him was priceless! As he was walking us to another room in the office, he even stopped, turned around to look at Charlie in the stroller and talk to him more! It was so fun to see a great, smart, fantastic doctor that we have SO MUCH respect for interact with our son. It was kind of like he saw, in person, what Kenny was fighting so much to get home for...and helped him see how worth it is was that he worked so hard to make Kenny well again.

How could you not smile at this cutie??

And this is what Kenny and Charlie say to the doctor's report...HOORAY!!!

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Chris Martin said...

Hurray for y'all. Looks like prayers from W TN made it to your way. Am so proud that everything is working out.
Y'all deserve it.