Sunday, October 12, 2008

Charlie's Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

I'm still not back at work every day each week because of Kenny's many doctor appointments, blood work and soon (we think!) therapy. The days that I'm home with Kenny and Charlie, in between going to appointments, I'm trying to plan more things to do with them, not only for the three of us to spend time together, but to help Kenny be out and moving around (call it Michelle's physical therapy). I see such a difference in Kenny, he can last longer doing trips to the store or out doing "something" without getting tired as quickly. Since he isn't in physical therapy yet, I know this will help him as he starts to go to therapy.
So, we decided that a weekday trip to pick out Pumpkins with Charlie would be much less taxing on Kenny than trying to get through a pumpkin patch on a weekend.
In the four years we have lived out here, we've never gone to the same pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins. This year, we found a great one just about 15 minutes from us in McHenry and it wasn't too big, but wasn't too small. I hope we can go back to this one each year...they had some great kids activities that Charlie would love next year.
Charlie in his stroller and ready to pick a pumpkin!

Charlie and Daddy hanging out waiting for Mommy to pull up the truck to load up our stuff.

Mommy and Charlie...this pumpkin patch was decorated sooo cute...I couldn't resist some good picture opportunities!

What's this??!! A family photo?? Charlie's not looking, but we are getting closer to a good one!

How big is Charlie?

This is Mommy's way of torturing Charlie trying to get a cute picture!

Could have been cute if he looked up and smiled!

Poor kid...has to put up with Mommy taking crazy pictures!

Charlie...probably staring at another Mommy that isn't so picture crazy!

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Chris T. said...

It is amazing how one beautiful baby boy can look so much like both Mom and Dad at the same time!
What a cutie!