Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some "early" photos of Charlie

Here's a few other photos of Charlie taken a few weeks ago. I stole them from Grandma Friedrich's camera today since I didn't get some of these on my own and wanted to share them.

Grandpa and Grandma meeting Baby Charlie in the hospital.

Rich Mazzuchelli (a friend from New Hampshire), Grandpa and Daddy sharing a toast in the Lake Forest Hospital parking lot..."to baby Charlie!"
Home from the hospital...and no, Kenny's not smoking a cigar in the house with's a bubble gum cigar still wrapped in plastic.

Grandpa feeding little Charlie.

Mommy, Aunt Joan and Charlie. We were so happy that Aunt Joan, Anna and Kate got to come over to our house after we got home to meet Charlie.

Aunt Joan with Charlie and Uncle Ken with Kate...they decided to swap kids!

Anna really wanted to see Baby Charlie, but all I heard that day was her calling "Uncle Ken, come and find me." She looked at Charlie, but didn't want to hold him that day and asked me lots of questions about when he could crawl. We decided that if he wasn't trying to crawl by Christmas, she could teach him.

Our sweet Kate enjoying some of Charlie's toys. Kate is almost exactly 11 months older than Charlie. We are so excited that they are close in age. Now Charlie just has to catch up to Anna and Kate so he can play with them.

Uncle Ken, Anna and Kate playing.

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Ashley said...

So cute! How are you guys doing?! I hope all is well! Looks like fun! :) So cute!