Sunday, July 27, 2008

Charlie's First Month

Charlie turned the ripe old age of 1 month yesterday!! Kenny and I can't believe our little guy has been with us for 1 month already!!!

Here's some facts about Charlie and his first month of life:

*His parents call him: Charlie, Little Hemi, Baby, Son, Little Guy, Little Man, Little Dude, Bud.
*He sleeps anywhere from 3-5 hours at night.
*On July 26, 2008, he happily ate 30 oz of formula.
*He has rolled over on from his tummy to his back 7 times in the last two weeks (yes, we know this is a fluke, but should be documented anyways!).
*He has a few hours each day that he is awake and just likes to sit and take in the world around him (see photo above!).
*He is the sweetest little cuddler his Mommy could have ever wanted.
*He sounds like a goose when he eats sometimes because he LOVES food!
*Although we think he weighs at least nine lbs now, he still fits in all of his newborn sized clothing and most of his 0-3 months sized clothes. I think that weight he's gained since his 2 week check up is all in length!!
*He looks JUST like his Daddy, but with Mommy's nose.
*He was born with lots of hair and some of it is starting to fall out now.
*He's just a great baby and we are so happy he is ours!!

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Ted said...

you forgot to mention that on july 26th, 2008, charlie happily crapped out 30 oz of what was once formula. be sure to update that list.