Tuesday, July 8, 2008


In no particular order, here are some Charlie pictures from the last week or so. We can't believe that we are taking him to the doctor Thursday for his 2 week check up already!!!

Time is flying, our little guy is a GREAT little guy...he's calm (except when naked during diaper changes) and sleeps really well. We even have to WAKE HIM up at night for a feeding...not every night, but many nights we have to do that. He's loved having both his Grandma and Grammy over since Daddy has gone back to work...and Mommy has loved it too! Grandma and Grammy let Mommy take a nap, do some normal adult things like read email and they spend their time loving little Charlie.

This green pillow thing is a Boppy and we love it!!! Charlie is happy sitting in it, being fed in it or whatever. Here's our wide eye guy!

Cousin Lauren (as little Anna has named her) came over to meet Charlie...and he took full advantage of her lap! He loves to sleep with his hands around his face.

Our first real outing in the stroller...to the Packard Club meeting. As you can see Charlie was just so engaged in the discussion that Grandpa, Great Uncle Jim, Gary and Bill (below) were conducting that he slept through it! :) They were discussing the Des Moines Meet that we missed this year due to the birth of little Charlie...

Just hanging out with Mommy...

"Aunt" Adele came over to visit Charlie and spent hours just holding him while chatting with Mommy.

A little half smile in his sleep...and part of his dimple on his right cheek!

Trying to be a little festive for the 4th! Of course, the firecrackers on this shirt couldn't be shown without a truck too!

And with Great Aunt Donna when she stopped over for a visit with Charlie. That is his favorite spot to sleep...resting on anyone's chest.


Ted said...

you realize that first picture looks like you have charlie dressed in a dress, right? by plastering his photos all over the internet, you are creating a digital fingerprint of charlie that will forever be there for everyone to see if they so desire. that means his future girlfriends can see pictures of charlie in a psuedo-dress on the internet anytime they want in the not-so-distant future. congratulations on scarring your child for life.

uncle ted does not approve of dressing his nephew in dresses and putting pictures of charlie on the internet.

Chris Martin from TN said...

I just love seeing all Charlie's pix along with the family. My how he looks like his Daddy and his Grandma F.
Since I have known "Grandma" since college days, I am alway anxious to know the "scoop"
Congrats to you both. I know you will be wonderful parens.