Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pretty Blanket and a Great Sign

Kenny's Aunt Barb passed away last November very suddenly and we miss her alot. One of the great things she always did was when a baby was born she made the baby a beautiful blanket. She never knew that we were pregnant with Charlie before she died, but we know that she would have made him a blanket had she been here. Her younger daughter, Lauren, Kenny's cousin, has picked up the wonderful tradition of making the beautiful baby blankets for the babies in her life. We were so excited when Lauren told us that she had picked up the family baby blanket making business! I think it's great when a family "tradition" can carry on. So here are some pictures of the beautiful, soft blanket that she made for our Charlie. We know that he will use it for years to come. It's so soft that I want to steal it sometimes!! :) It's a dark blue with a light blue border on it.

Really...Charlie is not sticking out his tongue at the blanket...I think it's at his Mommy since she tortures him with "photo shoots" about every other day!

And below are some shots of a great sign that Kenny's parents had made for Charlie. It was a surprise to us when we walked in the door from the hospital to see the sign. Since they were in Iowa when Charlie was born, they enlisted the help of my dad to get to our house to hang the sign. It says Welcome to the Family Charlie and has pictures of all of our family on it.

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Ted said...

rest assured michelle that I will keep the Peck family tradition alive of being a cantankerous codger, holla!

i have the picture of charlie in his dress on his boppy pillow on the wall in front of my desk at work. poonam thinks he is adorable. however, if you keep dressing him in those "gowns" i will have to start calling him "charlene" in lieu of his real name.