Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kenny's Little Hemi

Charlie was born at 426pm and as soon as Kenny heard the time, he said "I'll always remember that because he'll be my little hemi." Of course, Kenny has equated his son's birth time to an engine on a car! 426 is a hemi on older model Kenny frequently calls Charlie "his little hemi" --- especially when he is crying or making some Charlie noises.

We went to the Mundelein Cruise Night with Charlie and is was also featuring Packards so we saw some friends too.

Here's Kenny and Charlie with a Plymouth Duster...the license plate says HEMI DST --- meaning it's a hemi engine in a Duster. Of course, we needed a picture of Charlie with a hemi engine.

Here's a hemi engine...and you can see the 426 on it.
Charlie...enjoying his first car show.

Kenny and Charlie ready to roll after hanging out with the Packards for a bit.

Some of the Packards...
more Packards...
and more Packards...

and more Packards...
And this is how I find my boys from time to time. Charlie's done eating so he's sleeping and Kenny also thinks that napping is a good idea too.

Today, we also had Charlie's 2 week appointment. Now, I realize my son looks like his father...but apparently he's trying to catch up to his father's size too! At the doctor today, they told us he weighs 8 lbs 5 1/2 oz. and is 21 1/4" long. That's 1 whole pound more than he weighed at birth two weeks ago! The nurses actually weighed him twice to make sure because they couldn't believe it! He also grew 3/4" of an inch in the last two weeks!

Besides a great, clean bill of health for Charlie, the doctor also told us the FABULOUS news that he doesn't need to eat every 4 hours throughout the other words, we can sleep until he wakes us up now!!! And many nights, I've been waking him to eat every 4 hours, so maybe 5 hours of sleep is in my future tonight! :)

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful updates! Charlie is going to be a big boy! Glad he's doing well and that there is sleep in your future. I'll come and visit you again soon, Charlie. I miss you!