Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bartender, Bring Me Another!

Those of you that know Kenny well, know that he's a pretty creative, funny guy. He started this...but I have begun saying it too. When Charlie is hungry, Kenny tells him who his "bartender" is...which one of us is MAKING the bottle. And when Charlie is being served the bottle...Kenny tells him which one of us is feeding him. So, sometimes Mommy is the server and the bartender...and sometimes Daddy is the bartender and Mommy is the server. And his bottles are usually called 40 oz (really only 4 oz...but it sounds much better as 40) and 20 oz (really only 2 oz...and used for those times when 4 oz is NOT enough for little Charlie). Is it bad that we are teaching our 1 month old about drinking already??!!

Here's Charlie...staring at the pantry while we eat dinner. Kenny said he's longing for "real" food like us and is silently cursing us for feeding him this formula for the next year.

Here's our little up close of his car outfit. Little chunk weighs 10 lbs 7 oz now!!! He's getting really long too...definately taking after his father.

And if Charlie is going to wear his car outfit...Daddy must too!! Aren't they cute?

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