Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

The pictures are a little out of order because this won't order them properly...but it was our Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving Day: Charlie, Uncle Ted and Pops...Pops trying to share HIS bottle with Charlie! This is what happens when Mommy is upstairs cooking.

Charlie and Daddy.

Aunt Donna brought over a talking Turkey for Charlie to play's Grammy showing him how it works.

Yummy!! First taste of sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving Day!

The day after Thanksgiving the Friedrich side of the family came over. This was the end of the day...Charlie was a bit tired from the excitement of Anna and Kate!

Saturday we got to spend the day with cousin Sedona...from Arizona! Charlie and Sedona enjoyed their walk through Gurnee Mills.

Back to Thanksgiving Day...Uncle Ted teaching Charlie something...something strange probably!! Uncle Ted really likes little Charlie.

And back to the day after Thanksgiving...trying to get a cousin picture. Charlie still isn't sure why the girls like to move around so much. Anna is great...but Kate...really didn't want to be on the couch.

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