Friday, December 26, 2008

6 Months --- Really??!!

Strapped in, ready to eat!

Is our boy really half a year old already??!! Can it be, Kenny and I asked ourselves? Where has the 6 months gone? Charlie wasn't as sad for this day as we were...he was a happy, happy boy today!

Some things are little man loves to do:

** Chew on things...everything. This is a new favorite, a wood rattle from Uncle Ted. He actually kicks with glee when we hand it to him. It must feel good on his gums...we know there are teeth in there ready to come out!
** He graduated to his big boy car seat in Mom's car this month. Boy was he heavy to carry otherwise.
** This also means he gets to ride in the shopping cart seat. And he LOVES to stare at all that is around him. I don't think he paid much attention before.
** He had his first cold/RSV/ear infection. But his medicine smells like my old antibotic for ear infections. I just want to drink it down!
** He barely lets us leave the room at night before he has flipped himself on his belly for the night. Stinker!
** He rolls well to the right from his back...and is getting better at rolling left. And I KNOW he can roll from belly to back because he does it at night...but he doesn't want to during the day. It's easier to cry and have someone come and flip him.
** He's now enjoyed applesauce, bananas and peaches and loved them all.
** He thinks his name is Charlie Brown. We need to stop calling him that.
** He tries really hard to pull himself up to sitting. He's getting there. And if you sit him up, he's working hard at holding it.
** When on his belly, he likes to balance on his tummy and kick and swing his arms...and then stop, push up on his arms and kick some more. Is crawling coming soon??!
** He's really just a joy to be around. He's happy and fun and makes you laugh and he's just the best thing that has happened to Kenny and I. We love him so much!!

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