Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

Well, it's been a rough week or so in the Friedrich house. Charlie got a cold...turned RSV (confirmed in an ER visit on a very snowy day) turned ear infection. He's on the mend with some yummy smelly antibotics. He gave his cold to Mommy and Daddy. Mommy is fighting the cold well and feeling pretty good. Daddy...not so much. With Daddy's immune system still being a bit compromised from surgeries and his body's inability to understand that it's trying to fight an infection and that his body needs to make more of a steroid to deal with the stress of an infection, Kenny's cold turned into pneumonia. He got admitted to the hospital for a few days and got released on Christmas Eve afternoon. It's all part of the learning we need to do to help Kenny deal with his meds and his body's shortfalls now. The doctors assure us there is nothing we could have done to prevent it...just the way that it is. We know now that when he's getting sick one of his meds can be increased (called a "sick day") to account for his body not understanding that it's sick. So now we know...

Our family on Christmas our lounge-wear best! Just happy to be home all together again after Kenny's hospital stay.

We continued on with our Christmas Eve plans, since they were low key, to have my parents and Ted over for dinner. Dinner wasn't as fancy as I planned...we did pizza and salads instead, but it was more important to just spend time together. Kenny was/is under doctor's orders to rest, rest and more rest, stay home for a few days and stay away from sick people (other than my mom, Charlie and I who all have the same cold Kenny started with).

Charlie and his Grammy. What we would do without Grammy during hospital stays, we just aren't sure! She came through again for us, in part because it was her normal Charlie sitting days, plus one extra!

Charlie and Pops chillin'

Uncle Ted and Charlie worked on opening Charlie's gifts and displaying them for the camera.

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