Friday, August 8, 2008

What to do when the baby won't nap!

Yesterday, Charlie wouldn't nap. When I say that, I mean a good nap that lasted more than 30 minutes. He was awake...wide awake. He was a little fussy from time to time...but not awful. I had told Kenny that morning that I would nap when Charlie did yesterday because I needed one. So, of course, Charlie wouldn't nap!

Here he is...sitting in "his chair." His chair plays music, white noise and vibrates. He loves his chair and usually falls asleep in it. Does it look like his sleeping?? :)

"Why does Mommy keep asking me to take a nap??? I like staring at the ceiling fan."

So, I decided to take him for his first walk through our neighborhood since it wasn't too warm yesterday. We walked and walked and every time I peaked in at him, he was wide awake. Movement ALWAYS makes him fall asleep!

Does he look like he's sleeping??

Charlie's first stroller ride in the neighborhood.

The last 10 minutes of the stroller ride, he finally fell asleep. I quietly and gently brought the stroller in the house to let him sleep. It last 10 more minutes...and then he woke up.

Finally about 8pm last night, he pooped out. He woke up about 45 minutes later to eat and then we put him to bed for the night. Kenny and I had high hopes for him sleeping a good 6 hours or so since he was lacking in naps during the day. That didn't happen, he likes to eat too much...but as you can see below...he's catching up on the naps today!

(And no Uncle Ted, that is not a dress he's's a sleep sack...a safe way to "put a blanket on him" and let him sleep with out worrying about him.)

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Ted said...

I can't believe you put your kid in a potato sack to sleep. Someone should call DCFS on're a monster, Michelle. Charlie probably calls you Monster Mom (in infant speak, of course) for putting him in dresses and potato sacks.

I have started compiling music for Charlie to listen to in addition to the list of books I have prepared to read to him. I figure that you are probably subjecting him to country music, so I MUST, as a loving and caring uncle, find a way to actively combat that before it sets in. Children are quite impressionable creatures, you know...