Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sleeping Charlie

Since we brought Charlie home, he has been sleeping at night anywhere from 3 hours and longer. His sleep patterns have never really bothered me. There may have been a night or two in the beginning, but generally, I'm used to it and if I'm really that tired, I'll nap with him the next day. Last week, he solidly started sleeping 5 hours at night...and then that quickly became six hours by the weekend. I started thinking that 8 hours would definately be possible by the time I went back to work in mid September. Monday night he slept 7 hours...and last night he slept 8 hours!!! What a great kid!!! 7 weeks old and he's slept 8 hours at night...I hope he keeps this up!

This is where I laid Charlie down in his crib last night at 930pm. In the middle of the crib, a little towards the back side of it.

This is where I found Charlie at 530am this morning when he woke up after sleeping 8 hours. How did he get here??? Sometimes he wiggles around like a worm, but this is crazy!

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