Monday, August 11, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

I thought I would start off with a few cute pictures of Charlie SMILING!!! These are especially for Uncle Joe and Cousin Anna...since he's wearing his Cubbie outfit!

A partial smile...they are sort of hard to catch on camera! And his scratch he gave himself on his cheek. Those finger nails of his are dangerous and impossible to keep dull so he doesn't scratch himself...but we think he's trying to look a like a little tough guy!

And there's a great smile and his sweet dimple!!

Friday, Charlie and I went to visit some friends that had a baby girl less than 24 hours after Charlie was born. Little Camryn is such a cutie and her big brother Jason is such a sweet, smart guy!

Charlie relaxing at Jason and Camryn's house.

Camryn and Charlie laying together on the floor.

Jason wanted to get in on the pictures...and maybe supervise his sister and this boy too! :)

Doesn't Charlie just look like a stud!!??

Jason and Charlie

Charlie hanging out in Jason's chair with some Matchbox cars.

Little Camryn sweet!

Saturday night we went to Highwood for a cruise night and met up with both sets of our parents, my brother and many friends!

Grammy and Pops with Charlie

Charlie's middle name is Edward. Here's a picture with the living Edwards he is named for...Pops (Lawrence Edward), Charlie (Charles Edward) and Uncle Ted (Edward Lawrence II).

And Sunday we went to Uncle Jim's for some YUMMY ribs!!

Charlie's first name is Charles...and here he is with the living Charles' that he is named for. Daddy (Charles Kenneth II), Grandpa (Charles William) and Baby Charlie.

Cousin Lauren, Anna and Cousin Megan enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather we are having.

Megan and Charlie!

All in all...a great weekend!!

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