Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kenny and Charlie

My planned post was to celebrated Charlie's second month with us today. I will touch on a few moments with Charlie and then update on Kenny briefly before I head back to the hospital.

Charlie is an amazing little boy. He is so good...sleeps 8 hours each night now which is wonderful especially given the circumstances. He has just been so good for his Grammy the last few days that I have been with Kenny. And his other big accomplishment this month is his wonderful smile that he shares so often now. Happy 2 months baby Charlie...your Mommy and Daddy love you so!

This picture was taken yesterday morning, pre-surgery. Charlie and his daddy...even in the hospital he could find a comfy spot with Daddy to nap.

And here's Charlie's 2 month picture. Smiling...and you can't see it, but his shirt says "I love Daddy." And he does...I brought him to see Kenny for a few minutes in ICU today and it truly brighten Kenny's face to see Charlie and give him a few kisses and belt out a little tune for Charlie.

Kenny is doing very well for about 24 hours out of surgery. He's been resting and looking up to smile at me or say few words and then fall asleep. He should be moving out of ICU in the morning and possibly released on Friday. Our neurosurgeon here would like us downtown at a hospital early next week getting lined up for his second surgery. Northwestern is ready to take him anytime and begin running necessary tests on him to understand what they will be working with. I've spent a good part of the day on the phone getting his arraingements made to move down to Northwestern where we have been seen in the past by a doctor that we keep hearing more and more good things about. Kenny and I have talked about it and we feel good about Northwestern and hope that they can be helpful in removing the tumor.

Kenny asked me to thank everyone for their phone calls and prayers. They mean the world to both of us. I tell him about every message, email and phone call I have gotten.

My mom noticed in visiting with him today that even though he's sleeping, he wakes up and makes a very positive, funny, Kenny-like comment about something. His positive attitude is still there and we both know that he will get through this.

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