Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The last week...

The last week was a little busy for us with so I thought I would do a week in review.

Since moving into this house, we've done alot of new plantings in existing landscape beds and a new one too. I've really enjoyed it and Kenny has really enjoyed it when I don't drag him into my projects! The picture above is a beautiful flowering bush we have along our walkway...actually we have several of them. I've been meaning to photograph them and I happen to catch a butterfly on one last week.

Something make me realize that all our pictures of Charlie are of him sleeping, quite and awake or smiling. So, since this is kind of my way of scrapbooking/journaling for Charlie, I thought I would take a few of him crying too. He does do that!

He really likes to get his arms and legs going sometimes while crying too!

Kenny and his dad went to a tractor/farm show in Sycamore like they do every year. I thought I would be nice and post a few of his pictures from it...I think we all know why he took this picture!!

I know these are Farmall tractors...like the one they own.

We also went to a BBQ at the Carlins. Here's Camryn and Charlie on the play mat together. At one point Camryn took Charlie's hand and put it in her mouth. He didn't like that too much!

And here's little Gwen...one of Charlie's other girl friends born in 2008.

And Charlie and Scott...and Kenny's head in the picture too!

This is from the Orphan Car Picnic. Another event we enjoy each year.

Mike and Kenny with a sign that fits them both perfectly!!!

Charlie in his crib. I realized I haven't taken many of him in there either. He's just waking up and asking to be picked up.

Happy Charlie!!!

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