Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baby Shower

Well, as they say, better late than never...

Our wonderful family and friends threw us a great baby shower for Charlie on April 27, 2008. Thank you to everyone for coming to the shower and extra thanks to those of you who worked so hard getting ready for it. It was awesome, we loved it and are SO thankful for all of the great gifts for little Charlie.

It was in Wauconda at Lindy's Landing. The day was pretty nice, the view of Bangs Lake from the room was great, the food was fantastic and the company was the best.

Michelle opening a stuffed frog...from none other than Aunt Donna!

Michelle and Kenny opening some great coordinating pieces for Charlie's bedroom set.

Charlie's first photo album.

Since I FORCED Kenny to attend the shower, my dad and my brother Ted took one for the team and came with Kenny to make it so it wasn't 50 women and Kenny at the shower! Thanks for coming Dad and Ted!
Next to the sweets table was a great set up of diapers. The guests got to write messages on the diapers to Kenny and I so when we start to use them, we can smile and laugh at messages from family and friends. A great idea...something has to make you smile at 3am when you are changing a yucky diaper!

The room before everyone got the back wall on the gift table is another children's talbe and chairs. My Aunt Nancy had those refinished for Charlie and they look fantastic. I call them Ted and Michelle's table and chairs...but they actually date back to Kathi and Larry's table and chairs. So wonderful to have!!

The patio on Bangs Lake at Lindy's Landing.

The pretty centerpieces on the tables...I loved those!!

The awesome favors...the tag says Welcome Baby Charlie. Everyone got a little duckie cookie cutter and duckie cookies...yummy!

My mom and I.

I have lots more pictures I could have posted on the shower, but I decided to keep it a bit shorter.


Ted said...

i have some more for you.

- the subterraneans by jack kerouac (very possibly the most challenging and difficult book written in english that you could ever read)

- desolation angels by jack kerouac (kind of overlaps with part of the story from dharma bums)

- the unbearable lightness of being by milan kundera (nothing like fiction based on Nietzsche's philosophy)

the gulag archipelago (both volumes) by aleksandr solzhenitsyn

- one thousand years of non-linear history by manuel de landa

just think, once charlie arrives you will have plenty of maternity leave time to read these to him!

Ted said...

oops, i think i intended that to be posted in your book club post. anyway, i think you will get it eventually.