Monday, June 30, 2008

More Pictures of Charlie

Finally...back in our hospital room, Kenny and I got to enjoy our sweet little Charlie that has totally turned our world upside down. Who knew that a little 7lb guy could bring us both to tears and smiles and make us be so thankful to have him in our life. I almost can't remember what it was like without him here and we've only been home for one night.

Daddy and Charlie...

Mommy and Charlie...

Proud Grammy Peck and Charlie. We owe a huge thank you to my mom for staying at the hospital ALL day on Thursday, helping keep me company and giving Kenny a break from sitting in our hospital room as we waited for Charlie's arrival. I'm not sure where else she would have been since she was so excited to meet him...but thanks anyways. :) You've been a huge help the last few days!

And Pops Peck with Charlie...always makes me smile how a little baby can get my dad talking. And I think Charlie won him over pretty quickly.

Our little Charlie makes some crazy faces...moves his lips funny, looks so serious too sometimes. And his poor little cone head that he has...that's what happens when you try to arrive sunnyside up and Mommy pushes for 2 hours.

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Carol said...

Michelle & Kenny, Congratulations on creating one great looking son! He's everything I've prayed for. A winning lottery ticket could not have enticed me away from being at LF Hospital AND Charlie. It was my honor. It's great being a Grandma!
Love to all of you,