Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Charlie Update

Just a short update on Baby Charlie. Due to my gestational diabetes, I'm having many more tests and "checks" on aspects of the pregnancy done, including weekly visits to the doctor. It seems that it is basically under control, but my doctors like to be proactive. One fun part of that is that Kenny and I got to see our sweet Charlie at another ultrasound this past week. At 33 weeks along, Charlie weighs about 4 lbs. and all of the measurements for him were perfect for 33 weeks. He was moving so much that the pictures the tech gave us weren't that great. She also mentioned again that it is "definately a boy" which always makes Kenny proud to hear. The doctor was VERY happy to see him doing so well, as were his parents.

It also seems that unless our son decides to make his appearance to the world on his own time (and we know that is a distinct possibility since Kenny and I are BOTH stubborn people), that he will be arriving the last week of June. The doctor says they don't let gestational diabetes babies go until their due date and they typically will take them about 7 days early. If Charlie follows that schedule we just have about 5-6 weeks to go! :)

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Ashley said...

Oh fun! Glad things are going well, and can't wait to meet little Charlie! Keep taking good care of yourself and your little one! Enjoy your sleep while you have it (although you probably don't have it that great anyway)! :)