Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin Picking.

A favorite event in the Friedrich house.

Something about it is just fun and makes it feel like fall, regardless of the weather we may or may not be having.

And this's extra fun because Charlie is a wee bit older and not that he understands it yet, but he's getting closer to understanding it.

We found a great place near us to go last year and decide to revisit it this year.

Last year, pumpking picking was a great event for the three of us, as it was one of the first outings we took with Kenny post surgeries and he had the energy to get around for the few hours we were there.

This year, it brought back lots of memories, but we made them good ones because Kenny is here this year, able to carry little Charlie around.

We are sure next year will be even better!!

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