Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Little Turkey is 17 Months Old

Charlie turned 17 months old on Thanksgiving Day. We couldn't be more thankful for our little buddy and all that he has accomplished and all of the joy that he brings to us. Thanksgiving will always be a special holiday for us because two years ago, that's when we announced to our parents and families that we were expecting Charlie.
Charlie has been a busy little guy these last few months. Some of the fun things he is up to are:
* WALKING!! Everywhere! He started taking a few independent steps at the end of September and that progressed for about 3 weeks and all of a sudden, at a car show, he took off across the parking lot towards a dog. And then he did it again, this time aimed at a Rolls Royce. He's never really looked back.
* Talking. He has a lot to say. Some favorite words are: "tuck" (truck), "dog", "oof" (woof), "dat" (that), "duck" (any bird), "vroom" (when pushing cars around), "ba" (when asked what a sheep says), "all" (all done), "mama" (Mommy, Daddy or Grammy), "dada" (Sometimes he calls Daddy by his proper name), "ish" (fish), "shh" (shoes), "bya" (bye bye) and "uice" (juice).
* He can sign "more" and "all done." He won't say more while signing it, but when he signs all done he does say "all."
* More and more we find him trying to mimic what we are saying.
* He UNDERSTANDS ALOT! If you ask him if he's tired and wants a nap, he will go to his crib. If you ask if he's hungry and ready for lunch, he will go to his high chair. He can also respond by shaking his head yes or no.
* He LOVES going outside. Especially now that he's walking. He wants to be free to walk around so the new battle is to "hold hands" which doesn't always go so well for our independent little guy.
* He can stack legos very high -- maybe 6-8 pieces high.
* He tries to put his shirt on each morning while getting dressed, but only wraps it around his neck.
* He knows where his coat and hat are and tries to get them on when we are getting ready to go.
* He gives WONDERFUL hugs and kisses.
* His giggle is the best sound in the world.
* He loves fruits and veggies and sometimes that's all he will eat.
* He can pack away the food. The kid can seriously eat. I'm ready to start buying two bunches of bananas at a time so that they last a week.
* He loves to watch Elmo and Bob the Builder.
* At least once a day, he takes many of his books off the shelf in the living room and "reads" them.
* He is an expert at picking out a book for Daddy to read him his bedtime story.
* He is getting more and more new teeth. Since September, he's gotten at five new teeth that you can see and I'm sure there is another one in there about to show itself based on the amount of time he has his fingers in his mouth.
* He loves to dance...and his moves get funnier by the day. He's recently added spinning in a circle and trying to stand on his head to his list of moves. And when we laugh, he just does it more.
And the picture below...that's how alot of them look now. He's too busy for mommy and her picture taking!

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