Saturday, November 21, 2009

Playing in Chicago

Kenny had an MRI at the beginning of November, so we tried out a Saturday appointment for it to see if it was faster or slower than during the week. He just didn't have to have any other doctors appointments around that time and we usually have those other appointments to fill the day that he needs the MRI. But, what a refreshing statement that is because it means that medically, life is slowing down and becoming more normal.
It was a beautiful day in Chicago that day and Uncle Ted met us at the hospital and we took Charlie for a walk while Kenny got his MRI. We loved doing the Saturday MRI and look forward to doing them then in the future as it gives us a chance to take Charlie into the city and do some fun activity down there...and get to see all of his uncles and aunt since they all live down there.
Now, I've always thought Uncle Ted and Charlie look alike...and some of these pictures will confirm it. I love the one of them walking together. So sweet!
We walked along Michigan Avenue, watched the cars, went to the old Water Tower and played on the steps and then found a park! Charlie was in heaven and so was I because Uncle Ted could chase him up and down the equipment and I could take pictures!
We can't wait to do it again!

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